How to Check Military Discharge Status?

Checking military discharge status with SCRA

The Servicemembers Civil Relief Act (SCRA) protects those actively serving in the armed forces from acts such as foreclosure, eviction, and any form of seizure of their property.

Inquiries about active-duty status can be made through national personnel records center administrations that keep official copies of military service records and other important military records.

By taking these simple steps and adhering to SCRA legislation, businesses can better ensure they are providing respectable services in support of personnel obligations.

How does the SCRA works?

The SCRA ensures that an official military personnel file is verified upon military records request for a service men to take advantage of certain benefits during their service.

It stipulates, for example, that loan lenders cannot charge official military personnel and a verify military service members more than 6% interest on loans while they are on active duty. Additionally, if legal action is pursued against an official military member, a court order must first be acquired with a military record, medical records, last duty assignment, and more should the court deem it necessary.

Furthermore, official military personnel deserve the protection of the law to ensure their personal record rights remain intact. The official’s official military file should be kept confidential and any records requests from non-official members should be approved or denied by the veterans affairs department.

Why Is It Important To Know If Someone Is on Active Duty?

Knowing whether someone is an active military member is important for a variety of reasons. Businesses who deal regularly with military clients must keep up with military records to ensure accurate service and benefits. Knowing the current military status of clients might also be crucial if they are unable to make decisions themselves, as military services may require members’ next of kin or other representatives to have specific documents from national archives and/or proof of separation documents from military service prior to granting any information or power of attorney.

How do you Stay in Compliance with Regulations? 

Staying in compliance with the regulations of the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act (SCRA) can be a critical part of running any business. When a service member is called to active duty, businesses need to take special measures to ensure they are providing the best possible customer service, as these customers often have unique information requirements that can change rapidly.

Businesses should make sure they have an updated national cemetery scheduling office contact as well as an active duty home address.

That way, if something changes during their period of active service they can easily reach out and update their records accordingly. Keeping up-to-date records not only helps your business stay in compliance with SCRA regulations, but it also shows your commitment to putting customers first.

Additionally, It is important for your service member’s records administration to keep up with your client’s documents regularly, especially for veterans who were on duty at any point.

For example, there are certain protections that a veteran receives when they sign a contract while still in the military, such as a lowered interest rate, which are no longer available to them after an honorable discharge or general discharge. This means that it is essential to check records often in order to make sure that veterans are receiving the full benefits they earned through their service and sacrifice.

How to Search for Veterans’ Records

Checking information about a veteran’s military service

If you are looking to find out information about a veteran’s military service or discharge records, the Department of Veterans Affairs is your first port of call.

However, it is not always easy to access this information and can require more than simply knowing the veteran’s Social Security number.

Know if your client is a former member of marine corps, air force, or navy, you can reach out to their individual departments to access specific records.With these documents in hand it may be easier to access military records held by the officials.

How SCRACVS Works for You

At SCRACVS, we make getting proof of military service and status fast and easy. Our goal is to provide accurate results, often received without the need for a Social Security number. All we need are basic pieces of information such as full name and address or other contact details. And if we can’t find the individual active duty status results, we offer a full refund. As a lender or business owner, it is important for you to stay abreast of the laws as they pertain to military clients and veterans.

Regular searches of veterans’ military records are critical when doing business with service members. Whatever your end goal is with regards to your veteran status, you can rely on the SCRACVS for all your military active duty status needs. Contact us today.

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