What is The Definition of Active Duty?

Active duty is an active service term used by the United States Department of Defense Manpower Data Center to describe military members currently serving on active duty, active guard reserve, active duty for training, or in commissioning programs.

Thus, those active members or in active military service are able to receive relief from certain civil obligations according to the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act Centralized Verification Service, which relies on this source for its interpretation and definition of active duty.

Moreover, the active duty also applies to those who are an army reserve or the reserve component in the National Guard as long as they are actively responding to a federal order from either the President or Secretary of Defense. Below we extracted the definition of active duty based on its context from the DoD Manpower Data Center.

Active duty military personnels

Active Duty

Active duty service is an essential part of the armed forces and is one that requires full-time duty commitment from active-duty military personnel. As defined in 10 USC §101(d) (1), active duty for a member of the military is when active service is authorized by either the President or the Secretary of Defense under 32 USC § 502(f).

Prior to 2007, active duty terms were only counted if they exceeded 30 days in length. Active Duty status has always been a crucial part of maintaining accuracy within the Military Services records and ensuring that members of such term receive all due compensation and benefits they are entitled to.

The active duty status has had to evolve over time with numerous changes being made in order to help improve the accuracy and efficiency of military record-keeping systems, as well as provide better recognition and support for those serving our country on active duty.

Active Guard Reserve (AGR) members

Now under 10 USC §101(d) (2), Active Guard Reserve (AGR) are considered to be in active duty status if they are carrying out typical duties in the armed forces of the United States and rely heavily on the full-time troops that are activated from their respective Reserves and National Guards.

Active Guard Reserve (AGR), Navy Training and Administration of the Reserves (TARs), Marine Corps Active Reserve (ARs), Coast Guard Reserve Program Administrators (RPAs), and active duty commissioned officers of the U.S. Public Health Service or NOAA Commissioned Corps are some who are required to be assigned against an authorized mobilization position in the unit they support before they can be deployed.

These positions enable reserve members to work with units on a full-time basis while still maintaining connections with their civilian life, thus relieving pressure off armed forces who must deploy in times of crisis.

Coverage of Active Duty Members Under SCRA

Active marines who have been called to serve during certain limited operations may receive broader coverage under the SCRA than is indicated in this file.

While the Last Date on Active Duty entry can help to determine when certain protections of the SCRA start and end, orders can be amended to extend the period of active duty and consequently also extend SCRA protections. It is thus important that marines check with their command to make sure they are getting full coverage under the law.

Additionally, marines who have received orders but have not yet begun their active duty or reported for induction may still be eligible for some protections under the SCRA.

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