How Can An Employer Verify Military Service: Detailed Guide

Verifying military service is an important step for employers seeking to hire or retain military personnel. It is important to know if their rights and benefits are accurately reflected in their employment records. Having a reliable method for their military service verification allows employers to ensure the accuracy of applications, establish current military status, or comply with other employment requirements.

In this guide, we will provide in-depth explanations of the key methods and resources employers can use when verifying military service. We’ll cover how to initiate a request for personnel records from the national personnel records center or the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA), as well as describe some additional resources that can be used to help employers obtain verification of a potential hire’s or current employee’s military service. Read ahead to learn more!

The Different Methods of Verifying Military Service

1. Using SRCA

Looking to verify the military service of military personnel or military veterans? The fastest and most reliable option is using our Service Records Research and Certification Verification System (SRCA), which contains military personnel records from all branches of the military.

We offer verifications for military members by doing a thorough military background check and simultaneously accessing the DMDC (U.S. Department of Defense’s Defense Manpower Data Center) databases for more in-depth military active duty status searches. It should be noted we are not the resource you would need for any employment verification. We help ensure individuals are rightfully protected under the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act.

Key benefits of using SRCA

  1. Active duty or veteran verification to ensure SCRA compliance
  2. Affidavits of active duty status with eligible and legal records

2. Requesting a DD-214 form

Requesting a DD-214 form is one of the methods to verify a person’s military service. The Defense Department issues a certain form, DD-214, to veterans upon their discharge. This identifies the veteran’s discharge condition such as honorable, general, other than honorable, dishonorable, or bad conduct. Having this document also allows access to certain protections and entitlements that come with being a veteran. It may even affect what pay grade they are placed at depending on their rank when they completed their service. It helps prevent penalization of stolen valor or those who perform or report military job duties without actually completing any of the requirements to serve in the military.

How to obtain a DD-214 form

Screenshot of DD-214 form
  1. You have the option of requesting DD form 214s either online or through the mail. If you decide to request a copy online, you can access the National Archive and fill out the standard form 180.
  2. Print the form and mail it to the address provided with all the requested information and append your signature. Or upload it to the National Archive website if you prefer online submission.
  3. The request will be processed, and a copy of your DD-214 form will be sent back to you within 3-4 weeks.

Remember that a DD-214 form is only an official document and not an identification document. It does not provide proof of military service, but it does assist in verifying that the military was completed successfully.

3. Verification through the Defense Manpower Data Center (DMDC)

The Defense Manpower Data Center (DMDC) is the official source for verifying military and active duty status. The DMDC verifies whether a person has been in the military and other pertinent information that employers may require to verify a veteran’s service record.

To request verification from DMDC, you must fill out and submit a DD Form 1172-2. This form contains personal information such as the veteran’s Social Security number, full name, date of birth, earning statement from the finance office, and other details.

The form requires signatures from both the requester and the veteran whose records are being requested. After submitting this form, the request will be processed, and if all information is verified, DMDC will send a confirmation letter to the requester.

4. Requesting their Military ID card

Screenshot of Military ID card Enrollment Form

Military ID cards are issued by the Department of Defense and can be used to verify a person’s military member status or active duty status. There are specific record centers for each branch of the military where a veteran’s records are kept. These record centers can provide information about a veteran’s service record, such as duty assignments, awards, and dates of service.

To obtain a Military ID card, again, a DD form 1172-2 or the application for an identity card, must be filled out and submitted to the respective records center. Once the form is submitted and approved, a Military ID card will be issued in the name of the veteran.

5. Medal of Honor records

Last but not least, verifying current military status can be done by checking whether they have received any medals in the past. The best reference for this is the Congressional Medal of Honor Society website. To check if someone has received a medal, you can utilize a search engine that is available on the website. All you need to provide are details including:

  • Service branch– which branch of the military the person is associated with
  • Conflict area– which conflict the person served in
  • Additional filters– this includes the date of birth or death, month and year of award, rank or military branch
check if someone has received a medal of honor

Once all the details are provided, you will be provided with a list of recipients who have earned the Medal of Honor in that particular conflict. You can then verify if the person has been given this honor. Alternatively, you can directly enter the name of the person whose record you need to view.


Verifying military service is an important process for employers, educational institutions, and other organizations that need to confirm someone’s active military status or past military service. There are several methods for verifying a person’s military background such as checking official documents and records from the DoD, requesting verification from the DMDC, requesting military ID cards, and checking Medal of Honor records. It is important to comply with laws and regulations when verifying someone’s service record to ensure the accuracy and privacy of their personal information and possible employment while also honoring the service of veterans.

Ultimately, our SCRA verification service can organizations reduce the risk of non-compliance and protect veterans’ rights. So, take the right steps to verify military service today and contact us for the most reliable and secure verification process.


Can employers check military records?

Yes, employers can check military records for employment purposes in certain cases with the veteran’s written consent. This information must be verified and kept confidential according to all applicable laws and regulations.

How do employers verify DD-214?

Verification may be done by adding a seal of repository confirmation to the DD-214. Likewise, there are verifications for credit, address, employment, and military status records that can be requested to know if their DD-214 is falsified or legitimate.

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