How To Get Military Discount Car Rental

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Did you know that military personnel are granted discounts on car rentals? Select car rental companies grant active duty military personnel with up to 25% discount. If you’re going on a road trip or in need of renting a car, a car rental discount can mean huge savings.

Benefits Of Military Discount Car Rental

Military personnel and their families can enjoy various benefits when renting a car with a military discount. These benefits include the following:

Lower Rates

Car rental discounts depend on the company. This discount can be as much as 25% off on car rentals, or as little as 5% off. Not all companies offer this perk.

Waived Fees

For people aged 18 to 24, there is usually an additional daily charge for a rental car. However, most companies waive this fee for military personnel.

More Flexible Cancellation Policies

Select companies offer free cancellation for military members. This may include veterans as well.

Better Insurance Coverage

Some companies offer military personnel exclusive discounts for insurance coverage when they use a special discount code for military members.

How To Get Military Discount Car Rental

Military personnel can’t just walk into a car rental company and ask for car rental return restrictions to be waived. There are steps to be followed to get these benefits.

Military discount on Car Rental

Providing Proof Of Military Affiliation

You should present a valid ID that verifies your military affiliation. Your common access card or other official military IDs should be enough to get the veterans’ advantage.

Selecting A Participating Car Rental Company

Not all companies have special offers for military members, like a lowered vehicle license recovery fee. You should verify if the rental car company you’re eyeing offers car rental discounts to military members.

Making A Reservation In Advance

You should check for the vehicle availability in advance. This is to ensure there is a car available for your rental dates. Military members don’t get priority over civilians in this regard.

Checking For Additional Discounts And Promotions

An additional coupon code may be used alongside your military discount code. You should ensure you take advantage of all the promos for maximum savings. However, some companies may not allow you to use other discounts alongside your military benefits.

Things To Consider When Choosing Military Discount Car Rental Companies

Not all companies offer the same car rental discounts. You should conduct research on which companies offer the best deals so you can maximize your military status. Some companies offer other perks aside from discounts on car rentals. You should also check if the company you’re eyeing has a good reputation for customer service. Keep an eye out for mileage charges, weekly rates, minimum length rentals, and online rates.

Tips for Saving Money on Military Discount Car Rental

If you want to maximize your budget, you should be smart about the car rental procedure.

  1. Compare rates across different rental companies to find the best deal. There may be various options at participating locations.
  2. Book well in advance for better rates. An advance reservation will ensure that you have the rental car for your desired rental period.
  3. Join loyalty programs. Some companies offer additional perks through these programs. Military personnel and military veterans may receive perks or a different rate code.
  4. Rent for longer periods. In general, car companies offer better rates for longer rentals.


Not all military personnel are aware that they have discounts on car rentals. The savings they make from this transaction can make a huge difference in the long run. If you’re traveling with military personnel soon, be sure to inform them of their rates and take advantage of this special perk.


Are there military discounts?

Yes, select car companies offer discounts and other privileges to members of the military. The discount depends on the company.

What is the military discount rate?

There is no uniform discount rate for military personnel. This depends on the car company you are considering.

What is Hertz military code?

The Hertz military code is 1572999. This is exclusive for non-government official travel.

What is a Veterans Advantage Card?

The Veterans Advantage card is a leading program for veterans, active duty military, national guard and reserves, and their families. This public benefit corporation creates new and exclusive discounts for military personnel.

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